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It's time to make what's around you matter more.

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Sharing our commitment to quality, responsible, and longevity.

We believe the things around us have the potential to help us see better. They prompt our visions, pique our interests, and propel us to think differently about the areas surrounding us. Our personal style, and personal spaces, deserve elevated designs that leverage the world's beauty.

Core Collection

A quality fragrance line uniquely crafted from sweet, refreshing aromas wrapped in a sleek, minimal design. 

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Nomad Collection

Travel across the globe and experience the scents of amazing cities and locations with our vibrant Nomad Collection.

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The Core Collection

Blood Orange & Teak

With citrus undertones, this unique mix of blood orange and teak perfectly blends the bright aroma of blood orange with the woodiness of teakwood captivating the senses with a fresh and inviting experience.

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Rose & Lemon

This delicate warm neroli and soft rose fragrance emit a calm floral aroma with a hint of citrus and lemon. These pure, high-quality ingredients leave you with a calm, tranquil feeling.

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Green Tea & Lavender

A timeless herbal aroma with hints of lavender and honey calms and alleviates stress while promoting comfort. Stay refreshed with this unmatched blend of green tea and lavender. 

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The Nomad Collection

Mexico City Collection

Enjoy a weekend in Mexico City with this warm, spicy fragrance that echoes the ambiance of Paseo de la Reforma. Experience the vibrance ofMexico with notes of bergamot, lavender, clove & oud.

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Sydney Collection

Escape down to Sydney, Australia with our unique fragrance crafted with hints of eucalyptus, vetiver, and sandalwood. Take it easy and enjoy a trip to Bondi Beach with this revitalizing scent.

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Queenstown Collection

Embrace your adventurous side and journey with us to Queenstown,New Zealand with the smell of fresh trees and lake breeze. This woodsy,adventurous scent may cause insatiable wanderlust.

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