About Us

Forth and Nomad is a contemporary, curated shop with all the hand-crafted goods and accessories you need - and want.

Founded in Houston in 2017, husband and wife Andy and Morgan created Forth and Nomad as a platform for Houston’s insanely talented makers to share and sell their high-quality goods. The inspiration for Forth and Nomad came as Andy and Morgan traveled the world together – from Sydney to New York, and Tokyo to Mexico City – during the early days of their relationship and well into their marriage.

During their travels, they noticed something: that their favorite cities were the ones that celebrated people and their art. They felt Houston lacked a strong appreciation of their local creatives, and wanted to provide a platform for Houstonians to become more intimately involved in their city’s artistic community.

Forth and Nomad operates under several missions: to connect makers with their consumers; to get Houstonians more intimately involved in the city’s maker community through maker-hosted workshops, classes and live events; and to serve as a creative hub for the vibrant, scrappy, one-of-a-kind city they call home. Forth and Nomad supports handmade, small batch, and locally crafted goods.

While the vast majority of Forth and Nomad’s goods come from local artists, the store carries goods from brands located all around the U.S. Every product in Forth and Nomad is carefully curated by Andy and Morgan, and has a strong connection to Houston’s culture and artistic community. And everything in this store – from its wallets to its jewelry to its home goods – will help you tell the world a little bit about who you are.

Welcome to Forth and Nomad. Welcome to the community, where we encourage you to seek inspiration and live authentic.