Vibrations Cuff-Jewelry-Nina Berenato-Forth and Nomad
Vibrations Cuff-Jewelry-Nina Berenato-Forth and Nomad

Nina Berenato

Vibrations Cuff


This bracelet is inspired by the shaman of the San tribe in South Africa. These shaman are known to go into deep trance states and the trance state itself is the probable reason that more people do not become healers. It is powerful; sometimes dangerous, often feared. The San hold that power is stored in the pit of the stomach or base of the spine. The process of prolonged rhythmic dancing and singing ‘boils’ the power, causing it to ascend up the body, and to be excreted in the form of sweat on the upper body. This experience may cause one to shiver and tremble.

 Handmade in Austin, TX by an all female team of makers.

Finished in 14k yellow or white gold with the highest quality luxury finishing.